16th Edition

Message By H. E. the President of the republic

It is an honour for me to be at this year’s 16th edition of the Ghana Club 100 Awards event. It is my first as President of the Republic, and I share the excitement of all the winners. The companies who have availed themselves to be ranked in the 16th edition of the now well-established Ghana Club 100 Awards have all shown a high level of commitment to business growth and excellence – Congratulations.

This year’s theme – Industrialization, a tool for Job creation and accelerated economic development is at the core of government’s vision to drive Ghana towards its much-anticipated dream of a self-sufficient economy which can feed its people, give equal opportunity for prosperity and support its people to be the best that they possibly could. Although, I remain the chief employer, it is my expectation that, the majority of the jobs that are going to be created in my time will be created by the private sector. A vibrant private sector can create so many more jobs than the public sector.

Chief Executive Officer's Message

The highest compliment we pay to each other is when we recognize “hard work” in any endeavor. Congratulations to all the companies that made it into this year’s sixteenth edition of the Ghana Club 100. Welcome and thank you for participating in this important and historic event! The Ghana Club 100 awards has evolved into a formidable brand over the past 19 years, making it one of the most anticipated events on the Ghanaian corporate calendar. Instituted in 1998, the annual event does not only compile the top 100 highly performing companies but also promotes a forum for corporate Ghana to interact with the government at a high level.


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