Chief Executive Officer’s Message

The Ghana Club 100 continues to be an excellent performance assessment tool for promoting excellence in corporate Ghana. Since its inception in 1998, the brand has gained both national and international recognition and continues to promote and recognize the best performing companies in Ghana. The GIPC believes that the GC 100 brand would help sustain the character and confidence developed over the years by corporate Ghana to compete globally.

The theme for this year’s program is ‘Sustainable Agriculture: The Bedrock of Ghana’s Industrialization Drive”. While industrialization has many aspects, including heavy manufacturing for an economy such as ours, the industrialization agenda will be driven primarily by agriculture. Sustainable agriculture drives agro-industrialization and economic growth, as such attention will continue to be given to policies and programmes that will strengthen capacities of public and private sector actors to promote inclusive agro-enterprises and value-chain development.

Agriculture is an important contributor to Ghana’s export earnings, major source of inputs for the manufacturing sector, potential vehicle for creating employment and plays a key role in economic growth. The agricultural sector employs over 50% of the population and contributed about 19.7% to GDP in 2018. For Ghana to experience economic growth and structural transformation there is the need for a productive and sustainable agricultural sector. Therefore, the role of agriculture for industrialization and economic transformation cannot be overemphasized.

Export earnings from the Agriculture sub-sector in 2018 amounted to US$591.036 million compared to US$440.955 million earned in2017. Earnings from the processed and semi-processed sub-sector also amounted to US$2,208.99 million, representing an increase of 4.92% compared to US$2105.43 million earned in 2017. This improvement demonstrates government’s resolve to making agriculture the bedrock of industrialization.

The GIPC as an institution mandated to promote investments, is currently focusing its efforts on attracting strategic investment into the agriculture and agro-processing sector, especially along the entire value chains, to complement government efforts in propelling economic growth and development.

In the first   half of this year, 15% of the FDI recorded by the Centre went to the Agriculture and Manufacturing Sectors. This indicates our commitment towards attracting the needed FDI to spur economic development.

It is my expectation that the current policies to grow the Agriculture and Agro-processing sector will translate into more of these companies featuring in the Ghana Club 100.

It is a great pleasure to celebrate this feat with you, Ghana’s top 100 best performing companies.


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