“Looking back at an eventful past year, we at the Centre, will want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our stakeholders and investors in particular, for continuing to believe in us and invest in Ghana, despite the unusual climate.2021 was filled with lots of progressive activities and investments in key areas of the Ghanaian economy. In retrospect, this newsletter will highlight the feats chalked, while providing some exciting investment prospects going forward. It includes a review of our local and international activities, events, and missions that have resulted in a steady flow of FDI, amid the post-pandemic recovery. The publication also shares data on some newly registered projects during the period, whilst providing valuable business insights”
The CEO, Mr. Yofi Grant

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  • Gerd Eckert

    DStart in 2022 .what is zhe lin in Agricultial Projects – for modernauzation to improve the food-basic in Ghana ? You are intersted inaissitence of <German agro-Technoogien ? Let me know about Ghnanian acteurs to offer our performamses !
    Best regards Gerd Eckert

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