Investor Aftercare


The mission of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC)’s Aftercare division is to retain investors, promote, and facilitate reinvestment. Thus, generating new investment in a cost-effective manner.

Our Objectives & Core Activities:

1.Identify and streamline barriers to enhance operations and reinvestment

  • Strengthen GIPC’s relationship with investors by reactively and proactively supporting businesses for a smooth implementation of their operations.
  • Collaborate with other Divisions of the Centre on Policy Advocacy Breakfast Meetings, and other platforms for investors and policymakers.
  • Actively maintain a Network of Government Ministries Department and Agencies (MDAs) and Focal Persons, for facilitation of investor issue resolutions.
  • Facilitate early warning mechanism for investors and also, pre-empt and facilitate solutions for mutual benefit.

2. Promote Value-added Services

Facilitate investor statutory and regulatory requirements, and liaise between MDAs and investors, for efficient service delivery.

3. Local supplier enhancement and linkages to investor value chain

Organize B2B meetings, to connect investors to industry players and local suppliers.

Our goals and future developments:

1.Aftercare Manual for Investors

Currently working on the development of an aftercare manual for investors in Ghana in close collaboration with bilateral European and North American chambers of commerce.

2. B2B Matchmaking Platform

Developing a B2B platform to boost the promotion of our value-added services and to accelerate interaction between investors and local suppliers on the one hand, and with MDAs on the other.

3. Customer Relation Management System

Developing a CRM solution to perfect the integration of all our services.


Aftercare services are an obvious need for all investors. For investors in Ghana, this entails the periodic monitoring and active engagement of existing investors by the Centre to support their expansion and strengthen links between Foreign businesses and locals.

Ultimately the Centre through aftercare offers:

Extensive investment advisory services

Assistance in overcoming compliance and regulatory issues

Mediation between government and investors to guide investor-friendly policy formulation

Guidance and support in navigating day-to-day- business difficulties

Contact the Aftercare Team here  for further assistance and enquiry

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